En Community Services Society began with an idea to touch, train and transform
the community to be a caring and self-helped. Since 2003, we went through many
struggles from internal to external, from staff ability to financial constraints.
Despite this, we still believe in engaging, enriching and enabling clients by
presenting quality programmes.  
2016 marks our 13 years of service in the community. The clients whom we serve are mostly primary/secondary students and a handful from the community. In this year, our average weekly clients served is 750 head count. This is indeed no small feat to a small VWO like us!  
Key staff will need to undergo relevant training courses to increase their service standards to the community. Most of our work team members are taking up more than one role in their daily output of work.  
I deeply appreciate our current work team, committed to their assigned jobs and working more from their hearts to transform the community. In the coming years, I hope to see more skills application of learning outcomes from their respective evening courses; to impact the clients served. 

- Carol Chan
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