Counselling Services 

ECSS believes that every individual is unique, endowed with personal strengths and abilities. Counselling in the helping profession is very powerful, as it is targeted to meet the needs of clients, protecting their confidentiality in a safe environment. 

In the past 10 years, we were engaged with “Step up” and “Enhanced Step Up” programmes, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) to serve the youth-at-risk in schools.  

At ECSS, we also believe and promote individual growth and self-development, and therefore we have also developed an in-house counselling programme for our staff and volunteers to serve better to the community.  

Our scope of work is focussed to engage clients; integrating the elements of family life and self-development.  

The setting is mostly individual and group, both formal and informal. The different and multiple approaches used, enable clients to explore alternative solutions to resolve their problems. Most importantly, clients are able to be self-helped.  

Our counselling programme has now been extended to support us in ECSS after school care programme (ie student care programme), school drop-in programme and elderly programme.