Flag Day 2016

Themed "Every Home a Happy Home", En Community Services Society and Life Spring Community Network Joint Flag Day will be held on Saturday, 30 July 2016. With your support, we hope to raise S$150,000 through this fundraising event, to support the following community programmes and services:
Tri Love Family
believe that every family unit is the core foundation of a society. Our mission is to build strong and fulfilling families and to promote the importance of family relationships through our Family Life Education (FLE) through the conduct of parenting workshops/talks and bonding programmes in schools (primary and secondary) and the community. We also provide help to families in need through home visitations and academic bursary awards.
Tri Love Elder
helps to advocate and support active ageing through its signature programme, known as Silver Friends, which is an elderly wellness programme, in Tampines North CC covering exercise, games, activities and interest groups for cognitive development and outing to local places of interest.  
Our aim is to provide a community of care and support for our seniors and strive to provide the highest quality of care and offer an environment where seniors can spend their time meaningfully. 
Tri Love Children
provides Before and After School Care (BASC) programme, a school-based student care at North View Primary School. Our aim is to help our children to achieve their best and building up their highest potential in all aspects of life.
Tri Love Youth
specialised in After School Engagement (ASE) Centre Programme, a school-based drop-in programme (primary and secondary schools); Enhanced Step-Up (ESU) Programme, for youths at risk (primary and secondary schools). We aim to reach out to  
  • youths from all walks of life; both primary and secondary school students, 
  • students from disadvantaged background and  
  • children with at-risk profiles 

Tri Love Volunteer
aim is to grooms all volunteers including our Silver Volunteers to be community leaders of tomorrow through structured training and community programmes, generating impact and to impact generations.
Tri Touch Club
a progressive development programme of ASE. It provides community services concept and skills. As a school-based CCA, students own the programme with support and guidance from us. The objective of the Club is to bring about awareness of community needs through service learning projects, to build a harmonious and cohesive society as a whole.