ProjeKawan is a support programme and groupwork for families to provide social-emotional and family bonding support to our clients. It teaches and trains our parent-clients to manage family issues and problems, such as dealing with work stress and caregiving challenges, and at the same time to bridge and bond the family together during difficult times. There are currently 10 families in ProjeKawan.

Through the programme, the members in these families have grown and developed in themselves as well as their relationships with family members. They are now better skilled and equipped to navigate through their challenges independently and are also more aware of the aids and assistance available to them.

Members receive one-on-one counselling and guidance as well as groupwork to ensure that they receive the individual attention as well as the social support they need.

Parents who are active in the programme are also entitled to sign up their children with us for the academic coaching and mentoring programme (Academic Coaching Programme) in a collaboration with students from National University of Singapore under the Teach Singapore (Teach SG) initiative.

In the coming year, we hope to expand this programme to more families so that we can reach out to more who need socio-emotional support and integrative training and guidance to uplift themselves and their families.

We have also embarked on a new collaboration with Mola Mola International to provide on-the-job training.

We also do home visits to find out their needs in-depth and to engage with them on a deeper level.